First meeting of the year!

On a cold, dark January night our members braved the traffic chaos that was brewing outside and came together for our first meeting of the year. That meeting was all about evaluation. David gave a short presentation about how to do an evaluation.

Critical evaluation is a very important skill in all facets of life, but in public speaking it’s really important. Honest feedback is how we learn and how we improve, and that’s not just hearing it but delivering it. There’s an art to giving feedback in a way that is positive and constructive, but also doesn’t come at the cost of the speaker’s confidence.

We did an exercise where David gave a speech- curiously about Grapefruit!- and everyone in the room made some notes while he was speaking. Then, they worked in small groups to turn that into an evaluation, which is a mini-speech in itself.

It was brilliant to see some of the newer members getting involved and dipping their toes into evaluation for the first time. Jake and John even managed to come up to the front and delivered their evaluations and did a fantastic job.

We then had an excellent topics session led by John Dove, and that proved to be great fun.

Our February meeting is on Feb 7th, so please come along! Guests are always welcome.

What was our year like?

For the first time since the pandemic, it felt like we were starting to build something last year rather than just trying to conserve what we had. We grew in numbers with the welcome addition of several new members who have added a ton of energy to the club. We have started to socialise together, so we see each other more than just once a month. We attended several events, such as TEDx and Ignite Liverpool, and David and Suzy both managed to present an Ignite talk (a 5-minute 20-slide PowerPoint).

We also had the great honour of seeing club President John make it through to the National Finals for Evaluation, where he did a fantastic job and finished an incredible second.

Our year culminated with us hosting our President’s dinner for the first time since 2018. It was a hugely successful event and we were honoured to invite members from Stockport Ladybrook, Stockport Speakers club and Manchester Peterloo Speakers to come along and join us for the evening. It’s a tradition we’re keen to revive as an annual occasion so we’ll be looking forward to doing it again in 2024

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events