Welcome To Liverpool Speakers Club!

Who we are

Founded in 1962, Liverpool Speakers Club aims to develop it’s members’ skills and confidence in Public Speaking in order to help them become the best public speaker they can be.

Liverpool Speakers Club is proud to be a member of the Association of Speakers Clubs, a national organisation of Speakers Clubs, who have developed a programme that has been proven to help people become a better public speaker.

We’re aware that, for many people, the thought of public speaking is a daunting and scary prospect. However, we can help you get over those initial fears and progress as a speaker by providing a fun, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Who should visit us?

Anyone who wishes to improve their public speaking and verbal communication skills.

Our members span all ages and all backgrounds. Some arrived at the club as experienced speakers, others as total beginners. Some arrived looking to improve their skills for their jobs, others came because they were due to speak at a wedding, others came just to improve their own confidence. All will say that they have benefited from being a member of the club

Guests are always welcome to come to the club anytime, and we hope that you’ll like what you see and want to join us!

Our Meetings

We meet at the Racquet Club Hotel in Liverpool City Centre, on the second Wednesday of every month 7:30-9:50pm.

Meetings usually consist of a mixture of prepared speeches, improvised speeches and, crucially, everyone who speaks is given some help and advice as to how to improve. We all help each other learn.

We occasionally do other speech-related activities, such as debates and reading sessions, all of which help our members become well-rounded public speakers!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events